SMF - Just Installed!

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07 Oct 2019 - GW2 FOTM NIGHT AT 10PM


03 Oct 2019 - GW2 FOTM


12 Dec 2016 - Happy Holidays!

Happy bday old man!

25 Dec 2013 - Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone on the Internets!

Crayon Pop - Lonely Christmas

Some updates regarding PuV:

- Many members have stopped playing GW2, now.  However we still have a few members who are still playing.  PM ezrock if you wish to join them in WvW!

- Destinth has been playing FFXIV and has started a PuV guild.  PM him for more information!

- I, Yuhwoo, will probably be game-hopping for a little bit.  A few members and I have been playing PoE for now, and will move onto a new (free) game soon.  If you wish to game-hop with me, please let me know!  I will post what games I will be playing next when I decide to move on from PoE.

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and stay healthy!
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